What exactly is brand storytelling?

We dive into this in MUCH more detail in the course, but brand storytelling is the work you do to establish and share the unique story of your business through marketing, communications, and experience creation. It is the story you tell and the experiences you create to help make and evolve a brand.

Who is this course for?

You! I hope. More specifically it is for independent business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and aspiring business owners that want to grow their business through effective communications. It’s for people with a passion and a desire to share that passion with the world but haven’t yet gained the skills needed to effectively do so. People who understand that building a business requires hard work and dedication but need a little help and guidance diving into it. If you’ve struggled to market your business, clearly articulate your idea, communicate with customers, or build a compelling brand around your business this course is for you. I believe every person is a storyteller and has a unique story (or a few) to share with the world. This course is set up to help you identify, articulate, and share that story with the world with easy-to-use frameworks and processes. New and established small business owners will especially benefit from the program—it’s your chance to access the expertise of expensive marketing and communications consultants without paying the thousands of dollars required to hire one.

Who isn’t it for?               

Large complex business owners who have already developed and brought to life a successful brand. Anyone who doesn’t have passion for their business or idea and isn’t interested in impacting the world positively through their business and sharing their unique story. (If you’re just in it for the money, we can help but I’m not sure we’re right for you). People who can afford those expensive consultants and don’t want to dive into doing the hard work of establishing an impactful brand.

How do I know this course is right for me?

If you have a business you’re passionate about and truly believe in, this course was made with you in mind. If you have a vision of what your business can be for your customers but aren’t quite sure how to bring it to life, we want to help you. If you’ve struggled to market your business, truly connect with customers, and engage a loyal following this course was created to help you better understand how to do that. If those are true, the next best way to find out if this is right for you is to take the leap, make the investment and enroll today (remember you’re getting a pretty amazing discount as part of the pilot cohort if you do). Class begins September 5, 2021!

Where does the course take place?

Storytelling university is all online! It takes place over four weeks beginning September 5. You gain access to each lesson as they’re released weekly. Hosted on teachable, each week contains a video lesson, deck, and worksheets (which include all our powerful frameworks). There’s also a comment section for each lesson where you can ask questions and engage with your fellow students.

What will I learn?

The course is set up to teach you the fundamentals of creating and marketing a brand. It’ll help you evolve your business from a company into a brand that inspires and engages through the power of clear and impactful storytelling. Each week builds on the one before it.

·      In week one you’ll learn about and create the foundations of a brand. You’ll gain access to foundational frameworks I’ve used to help build and evolve some of the largest brands in the world.

·      In week two we’ll focus on identifying what makes you unique and begin to articulate your unique position in your category. You’ll learn the business blocks of business and how they apply to your business.

·      In week three we’ll dive into creating your story. We’ll identify the key questions you need to answer when telling your story, the context that matters most for you and your brand narrative (the stories you’ll begin to tell for impact). You’ll learn a simple framework for creating narratives so you can tell stories across mediums and how to make them compelling for your customers.

·      In the final week you’ll learn how to share your store. That includes how to write a manifesto and develop a communications plan using a classic marketing approach that works well for small and medium sized businesses.

What does storytelling have to do with growing a business?

The best and most successful companies in the world are also brands—they have value in the eyes of their customers because of what they represent, and the associations people have with them. Brands are something people are willing to pay a premium for. Brands are created through consistent and compelling storytelling, whether it’s through marketing, communications, customer experience, or product experience. When you tell your unique story in a compelling way, you build brands, and you infuse value into your business as you gain new customers and build loyalty. Storytelling is an essential part of bringing to life a successful business that will last. It’s also essential for creating connections between people and the world around them.

How will this help my business?

This program was created to help independent business owners understand and apply the fundamentals of impactful communications. You will leave with the skills to better market your business, communicate with customers, create unique experiences, and leverage storytelling (and your unique story) to help your business grow and attract new customers. You’ll also establish foundations for your business that you will be able to help guide the direction of your business for years to come.

My business is in a complex industry will it work for me?

This program was created to help you whether you own a product-based business, are offering a service or haven’t fully identified how you want to bring your idea to life. It is industry agnostic and the frameworks have been used to help businesses across fast food, health food, tech, manufacturing, health and healthcare, public service, packaged goods and so many more industries. These are proven approaches built to help you, whatever industry your business operates within.

How much does it cost?

This is an investment in the future of your business and in your skills as a business owner. Right now, the pilot program is being offered at a reduced price of $299 for the core program, or $499 for the premium program, which includes consulting and review time with Chantaie. After the pilot, the program will increase in price significantly as we apply the learning we gain from the pilot cohort to perfect the program for future students. All pilot students will have access to the program for its lifetime, so as it evolves over the years, you’ll have continued access to any additional bonuses and frameworks.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay for Brand Storytelling 101 using all major credit cards. We also have an easeful payment plan that breaks payments up into two payments of $169. If you see the value of this course but are not able to afford it right now know that it will be back again (though at an increased price) in the future. We want to work with you so if you need support in being able to afford the program, please reach out. Just include “Storytelling University Payment Options” in the subject.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

While we don’t offer refunds, we do want you to leave the program feeling equipped to tell your unique story with impact. The program is set up so that you can ask questions as you move through, gain feedback, and learn from expertise gained over two decades of storytelling. We include a final live Q&A session to go over any sticking points not covered in the comments area for each week’s lessons. If after the four weeks you don’t feel equipped and empowered, please reach out. We’ll work with you to unpack the areas of struggle and make sure you’re armed and ready to move forward. We’re here to help.

Who are you?

Based in Toronto, Canada, I am a writer and business consultant as well as a branding and storytelling expert who has worked with leading companies to help articulate and bring to life their brands through impactful storytelling. With over a decade of strategic marketing experience, I am a storyteller and communicator at my core. Words, stories, and ideas ignite me.

I am the founder and principal strategist of Ramsay & Co Consulting a boutique storytelling-led business and marketing consultancy. I work with medium sized business to help them break through to the next level of their business through tailored marketing strategies. I started storytelling university to help smaller businesses who can’t yet afford to hire a consultant learn the skills they need to effectively tell their stories, communicate with customers, and connect with new audiences through impactful storytelling. I also write a weekly storytelling newsletter, Adventures in Storytelling, that helps, marketers, business owners and creators craft their unique stories.

Can I just hire you to do it for me instead?

Storytelling University was created to help anyone, no matter where they are in their life or business to be able to tap into and leverage the power of storytelling to positively impact their lives and businesses. Hiring a consultant is often expensive. My rates start at $3,500 for very small engagements. If that sounds affordable to you, please reach out. If not, I’ve set up Storytelling University to equip you to do it on your own and establish the essential foundations of impactful storytelling and high converting marketing and customer engagement.

What exactly is Storytelling University?

Storytelling University is an online Storytelling and coaching resource for creative entrepreneurs and independent business owners. It is a community of learners interested in unlocking the power of impactful storytelling to help grow their businesses, careers, and change their lives for the better. Our courses help you become a better, more impactful story so you can share your ideas, perspective, businesses, and experiences with the world. We’re currently piloting our Storytelling for Business Course: Brand Storytelling 101 but stay connect with us to hear about the launches of our storytelling for career and life courses as well as future coaching and community offerings. We’re here to help people share their beautiful, unique, magical stories with the world and give you the skills to apply storytelling with impact in all areas of your life. Join us.